Features of the Premium Version

Cloud-based programme

To use CronoSeo you do not have to install any software. Our tool is an online solution that allows you to enjoy all the benefits without having to manage or maintain any programme, optimise your communication with search engines, or configure routers.

It avoids system errors and IP control problems while searching in the various engines.

Our online software works, and will become your most trusted partner in providing a better service to your clients.

CronoSeo will make a daily backup of data and will keep data from at least the last 60 days. In this way your information is safe for you and/or your clients.

Programa en la nube

Obtain automatically the position matrix in Google

With just one click, you will obtain the real-time position of the requested URLs for the specific keywords you wish to analyse. The system will automatically make an analysis and create a matrix of positions for Google (up to position 300). You can study up to ten keywords and ten web pages simultaneously on each data matrix.

In this easy and intuitive way you can study one individual URL or compare it with up to nine different competitors.

You can also save data from your matrix and return later to browse and compare the data at different moments in time. Each matrix can be customized with the name of the company and its logo, or with the name of the company and the logo of your SEO agency.

The system is ready to obtain position matrixes in more than 20 countries. The list of countries for which we operate is updated each month. See the list of available countries in the drop down menu under "select country".

Obtencion automática de matriz de posiciones

Browsing the position matrix data

Once data has been obtained from two separate moments in time, you can study and compare the information obtained at each moment. You can use the navigation arrows to move from one date to another, observing the positions at each time, and whether these positions are remaining stable or going up or down.

You can also assign points to each keyword based on its importance in order to establish a personalised ranking taking in account your competitor’s positions.

Navegación por los datos de la matriz

Generate customised reports in PDF, EXCEL and WORD

CronoSeo can convert data from the various matrixes into Excel, PDF and Word. These reports are automatic, and offer exhaustive information on the data collected and their evolution over time.

All the reports can be customised with the name and logo of the client or the name of the client and logo of the agency.

Generación de informes en PDF y EXCEL

Share matrix information with others

CronoSeo also offers the possibility of providing a link to access the matrix data, so you can share information in real time with those people or companies you choose. In this way you can consult online information of the positions of the web. You can limit the information you wish to share.

The system is very powerful and flexible, and can be customised to serve the needs of our users, whether they are SEO professionals working in a company or SEO professionals working in an agency.

Matriz de posiciones reducida

Creating personalised rankings

CronoSeo allows you to assign an individual point score to each word and each position obtained according to its importance. The points are assigned manually, and always according to the criteria of the user. In this way you can obtain a personalised ranking to find out the true value of your positions compared to the ones of your competition. Your point score for each position and each word can be modified whenever you want.

A strategic word that is frequently visited doesn´t have the same value as a secondary word that has less relevance and fewer visits. In the same way; it does not have the same value to appear in the sixth position of the third page as in the first position of the first page. Thanks to the assignation of points you can estimate as a whole the results achieved in comparison to your competitors.

Creación de ranking personalizado